2024 AAGB Prize Claim

Initial Prize Claim Form For 2024 AAGB Event

Anything over a $600 prize or cash is subject to Federal and State taxes and will receive a W-2G Form. Anything over $5,000.00 the taxes must be paid prior to receiving the prize or deducted from the cash prize

IRS Form 5754 MUST BE COMPLETED and Uploaded with your prize claim below. Please click the button below to open the form. 

You can then save to your local PC and upload in the appropriate form field below


The Form SSA-89 allows for Social Security Number verification without using any personal SSN related documents

AAGB 2024 Gun Winner Claim Form

Please use the contact form to reach out to us concerning your prize claim – we will walk you through the process

Prize Claim Form

This form is to be used as your initial contact form to submit your prize claim for the 10th Annual All American Grand Bash

Once submitted and initial confirmation completed, you will receive a follow-up email where you can submit the legally required documents to finalize your claim.

(Please note – forms above will need to be completed prior to receiving prize)
AAGB Prize Claim Form
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